I miss the Shirtwoot T-shirt design contests

I used to enter designs in Shirtwoot, the weekly T-shirt design contest. The T-shirt image itself was given to designers in a file.
The theme is announced Thursday, submissions and voting are allowed Friday, submissions and voting close later. If you don’t get your entry in before Monday, you probably won’t get more than 10 votes.
Among the contestants are several seasoned artists with humor and depth who can dip into their portfolios and alter a piece overnight to conform to rules.
Rules include no photos, no more than six colors plus the shirt color.

“Greetings from Barbeque City”
For a barbeque theme during the summer, I ignored the ever-present topic of bacon and focused on an old-fashioned tourist postcard look.

Welcome to Barbeque City
Welcome to Barbeque City

“Police Cats”
“He can’t be the bad guy! There’s nothing on this furball’s computer but human videos!” Humans might watch innocent cat videos, but this “furball” watches videos of humans. Obviously not a bad cat! I played with stereotypes of the Asian computer geek and made the technician in the white shirt a Siamese cat.

Police Cats
Police Cats

“The Adventures of…”
Mash-ups happen all the time in T-shirt designs, but a combination of subjects, characters, etc. was required here. I combined Betty Boop with Ellen Ripley, Hello Kitty with Newt, “Indiana Jones” with “Alien.”

Woman, cat, whip
The Adventures of…

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